In June 1948, Berlin was locked down by the Soviet Union. They believed it impossible for the people who lived there to get food or any other supplies and would eventually drive Britain, France and the U.S. out of the city for good. However, the U.S. and its allies decided to supply their sectors of the city from the air.

As one of those brave pilots, drop off supplies for as long as you can!


  • UP Arrow Key: Increase Altitude
  • DOWN Arrow Key: Decrease Altitude
  • RIGHT Arrow Key: Fly faster
  • LEFT Arrow Key: Fly slower

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Tags2D, Pixel Art


Download 17 MB
Version 0.0.2 Jan 03, 2021
Download 17 MB
Version 0.0.2 Jan 03, 2021
Download 16 MB
Version 0.0.2 Jan 03, 2021


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Awesome game! Adding a leaderboard was a good idea.


It's a fun game ! I have the highest score on the leaderboard.

Glad you like it! Looks like there is a new score to beat! :)

I beat the new score. I love the game and the leaderboard. I would have liked a better background. And I have a question, is the map randomly generated ? I doesn't seem always the same.

There are around 10 different 'maps' that are 2 screen widths wide. These are randomly spawned and stitched together so that each play is unique :)

I agree that the artwork is lacking :(. My usually team was unavailable so this was a solo jam for me and I am not the best at the art side of things. lol

I was thinking that the generation was like this made. I don't know if I said before but the plane animation makes the game 2X better :).

Not anymore! XD

I'll beat it soon, when I have time. :))

Very nice game